Thursday, March 10, 2011

Goodbye from Thursday Dating Profiles

Judd and I would like to thank all of you for playing The Dating Profiles Meme. We knew we were trying something very unique. We had hoped it would catch on. Obviously, it did not. The good news is Berleen and company have returned with Thursday Thunks!

We have done the Dating Profiles feature on the WTIT Blog since 2006. It was our oldest feature that we still ran. We might occasionally do it as an feature, but it is essentially done. You guys are the best. Judd and I thank you and hope you continue to join us for the Blogosphere's favorite meme, Sunday Stealing. Peace! See you out there!

Your bud,
Bud Weiser


  1. I'm sorry you won't be doing it any more. I followed but never felt clever enough to participate.
    Everything I've ever done is a dismal failure, so I know it sucks to feel that way.

  2. I will so be there on Friday. (Probably in the night because you know I'm famous for delaying! LOL!).. Tell Janera to put the coffee on!

  3. I will surely miss our Friday date. =)

  4. Oh bugger! Just coming back into blogging and find out this has gone :( Thanks to Bud & Judd, I enjoyed it while it lasted :)

  5. Well, I'm going to do it anyway until someone sues me.